The Building Information System (BIS) is a public portal which ensures information exchange among the persons participating in the construction process. The System provides access to the registers and e-services necessary for the construction process.

Starting from January 1, 2017, the Building Information System (BIS) is managed by the State Construction Control Bureau. In autumn 2017, significant development of the system under the framework of the European Regional Development Fund project “Development of the Construction Process and Information System” has been started. The key objective of the planned development was to fully digitalize the construction process, from the idea till the building operation process.

It is essential in order to create and provide services that meet citizens’ needs, to reduce administrative burden and improve availability of services, as well as promote efficiency and transparency of public administration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



In the first quarter of this year 110.3 thousand construction cases were registered in the BIS which is increase by 8.5 thousand compared to 2019 (for comparison, there were 47767 cases in 2017). The number of BIS users has also increased by 9.2 thousand reaching the total of 33.9 thousand (compared to 13375 users in 2017).

Starting from January 1, 2020, a new construction process may only be commenced in Latvia in electronic format. The System has been interconnected with other information systems necessary for the construction process (currently interconnection has been established with 15 other national information systems) which enables to select data from them automatically, thus preventing errors and speeding up the process of drawing up and examining documents. These systems are follows:

  1. Document management system (DVS)
  2. The State Land Service Restricted Territories Information System
  3. The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (UR)
  4. The Spatial Development Planning Information System  (VRAA TAPIS)
  5. The Information System of Real Property Cadastre (VZD NĪVKIS)
  6. The State Unified Computerized Land Register (TA VVZD)
  7. The Punishment Register (IeM IC Sodu reģistrs)
  8. The State Revenue Service (VID)
  9. The Latvian Electronic Procurement System (VRAA EIS)
  10. State Information System Interface (VRAA VISS)
  11. The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP)
  12. State Ltd Ministry of Agriculture Real Estate (ZMNĪ)
  13. Central Statistical Bureau (CSP)
  14. The Geospatial Information System (VRAA ĢIS)
  15. The National Real Estate Cadastre information system (VZD Kadastrs)
  16. State Information System of Address Registers (VARIS)

At the moment the BIS includes eight registers:

  • Register of Construction Merchants
  • Register of Construction Specialists
  • Register of Independent Experts
  • Register of Building Inspectors
  • Register of Energy Performance Certificates of Buildings
  • Register of Managers of Residential Houses
  • Register of Energy Auditors of Enterprises (from year 2020)
  • Register of Energy Reports of Enterprises (from year 2020).

Seven processes have been improved or developed within the framework of the 1st round which took place from November 2017 to September 2020, including the following:

• The process of examining and coordinating construction conceptions and building designs;
• The process of supervising construction process;
• The process of supervising the service of structures;
• The process of classifying construction merchants;
• The process of managing data of construction specialists;
• The process of managing energy efficiency of buildings;
• The process of maintaining the main information characterising structures and construction materials.

On 26 November 2019, the State Construction Control Bureau and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency entered into an agreement envisaging further development of the BIS towards optimisation and automation of the processes.

The agreement signed on the ERDF project “Development of the construction process and information system. 2nd round (No.” states that over the next four years it is envisaged not only to supplement and improve the solutions already available at but also to produce new ones. It is expected to create a new functionality for coordinating and taking decisions on structures, offer unprecedented possibilities to use data of electronic working time accounts in construction supervision, develop a BIS mobile app, establish a record that includes disposal of construction waste, and introduce other major innovations.

The System is developed by SIA Tieto Latvia, while advisory support in the project is provided by SIA AA Projekts.

Project partners include the Ministry of Education and Science, the State Regional Development Agency, the Court Administration, the State Land Service, the Ministry of Economics and the Latvia State Radio and Television Centre.

Learn more about the BIS at: !