The State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia (hereinafter - SCCB) started its operation on October 1, 2014 with the objective to assure construction quality and safety of buildings in accordance with the competence prescribed in regulatory enactments.

The Bureau is a state authority under the supervision of the Ministry of Economics the priorities of which are to perform state control of construction works, inspection and supervision of public and high risk buildings, organize appraisals of design and buildings, grant the rights of individual practice to construction experts to perform appraisals, as well as execute supervision of individual practices in the field of construction expertise. 

Furthermore, the Bureau deals with applications and complaints regarding serious violations against regulatory enactments in the construction process or in cases when the building/structure has caused or can cause a hazard or a significant harm for life, health, property of the person or environment. The Bureau provides methodical assistance to the Ministry of Economics and stakeholders of construction process in terms of proposals for amendments in regulatory enactments, guidelines, informative events etc.

Since 1 January, 2017 the Bureau is administering the Building Information System (BIS) in order to digitalize the construction process and make it transparent to all parties involved in the process.